Destiny is the NMA/ISKA National championships for various Sport Martial Arts that include grappling, brazillian jiu jitsu, mma karate & kickboxing.

It is open to juniors and seniors of all ages and skill levels. Lower grades do not compete against higher grades. Also there are weight and age groups.

There are 4 divisions in general:

  • Beginner (white & yellow) Novice (orange & green)
  • Intermediate (blue & purple)
  • Advanced (brown & black belt)

There are divisions for:

  • Points & continuous fighting
  • Free style forms, weapons forms
  • Traditional Kata & Kumite
  • Self Defense
  • Breaking for Juniors & Seniors
  • High kick challenge
  • Extreme kicking
  • Submission GI & NO-GI Grappling
  • Tag team matches
  • Sport MMA and Sport Full Contact
  • ISKA Full Contact Kickboxing (for adults only)

NMA/ISKA is well known for its safety laws and contact regulation. Excessive hard contact is not allowed. Good techniques with control is promoted. So you need not be concerned about you or your child’s safety.